Tips For Ordering Custom Labels and Custom Stickers

Measure: Know the measurements of the area the label will be applied to. Know the shape of the area. Bring in the object the label will be applied to if you can.

Die Cut or Stock: Depending on the shape and size we will be able to determine if a stock label can be used or if we have a die cut already in our library. It is possible to make a custom die cut of r your design.

Material: What environment will the label be in? Will it get wet, be in heat or sunlight, will it be subject to extreme cold? What kind of environment will the label be applied in? Heat, cold, or moisture?

Art Work: Have you already chosen your artwork? If not Allied Decals is ready to help you design your custom label.

Proof: After the artwork is complete you will receive a proof. The proof is to be checked for all errors including spelling, size, color, and anything else applicable. This is when revisions should be made. When the artwork is approved, your art will process to be printed.

Quantity: How many labels do you require? Will you want periodic delivery of stock? Will it be a “One Time Only’ job?

Lead Time: How soon do you need to take delivery?

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