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Use Product Identity Labels For Easy Product Recognition And Usability

labels-bottlesAllied Decals will help you stand out above the competition. A products label is its calling card. The product label has to work for its particular market segment, from design concept thru the choice of material and application method. We, at Allied Decals are part of your product design team. We will work to ensure your product label is made from material that will stand up to its end use environment.

Standard Labels or Die-Cut Labels?

Products come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and containers and so do the labels that identify them. At Allied Decals there is no problem with creating the die cuts you need. It is essential to know the measurements of the product container and to know if there are design accents the label will be adhered to. Also, it is important to know what the environment is and the process that is going to be used for applying the product label.

Allied Decals can print on a variety of materials such as vinyl, polyester, paper and more. Let us help you match the right material stock for your product.

Labels Screen-Printed On Vinyl Or Polyester For Durability

When durability, long lasting color and exposure to the weather are a concern, Allied Decals offers product labels that are screen-printed on pressure sensitive white vinyl, yellow vinyl, or transparent polyester.

We can also offer products that do not require the durability of screen printing. Roll labels provide a high quality, economical alternative to screen-printed product labels. We offer a wide variety of stock die shapes, product label materials and colors. High quality control standards insure that you’ll receive a crisp, clean well-excuted label taylor-made to your specifications.

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