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Many of our customers order small quantities on an occasional basis, so please don’t be put off from requesting a quotation if you only need a small quantity!

We print custom stickers, bumper stickers, and custom decals designed to your specifications. Obviously, there is more to a sticker than initially meets the eye, and it’s Allied Decals’ Policy to acquaint you with the almost unlimited design and creative possibilities that can be executed in a variety of materials.

Pressure sensitive stickers, bumper stickers, and labels are printed on polyester, vinyl, or paper. Polyester is the most durable and dimensionally stable. Polyester decals will not stretch or shrink. Vinyl is a flexible, UV and scuff resistant plasticized film. Paper stickers are the least durable decal and not recommended for outdoor use.

Whatever application you have in mind, you can count on Allied Decals to explain all of the options of pressure-sensitive films. You can choose from either opaque or transparent, with wide choices of color and ink selections, matte or glossy finishes, and the useful life you can expect your sticker or label to enjoy.

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Films for stickers and self adhesive labels

The following is a broad, representative selection of the most popularly used films for custom designed stickers. If more film options or more detailed specifications are required, please call Allied Decals at: 1-800-940-2233

Sticker MaterialService Temp.Outdoor DurabilityHumidity ResistanceSticker Comformability
Vinyl0 to 170 F2 yrsExcellentGood
Polyester-40 to 260 F2 yrsExcellentPoor
Polycarbonate-40 to 250 FNAExcellentPoor
Reflective-40 to 180 F2.5 & 7 yrsExcellentFair
Alum. Foil-40 to 300 F2 yrsFairPoor
Write/Type On-20 to 260 F2 yrsGoodPoor
Poster Board-20 to 170 F2 moFairNone
Laminated-40 to 260 F2-5 yrsExcellentPoor
Static Cling30 to 150 FNAExcellentFair
Polyethylene0 to 170 F3 yrsExcellentPoor
Magnetic Vinyl0 to 180 F2 yrsExcellentPoor
Paper0 to 125 FNonePoorPoor

Square cut decals
Die cut
Static stick decals
High tack decals
4 color process with or w/o hi tack
4 color process outdoor decals
Indoor stickers
Digital outdoor decals
Opaque white vinyl & removable
Velvet textured polycarbonate decals
Double face decals
Premium decals
Reflective decals
Tamper evident decals
Glow in the dark and prismatic
Identificacion decals
Embossable aluminum & write on
Chrome and gold polyester decals
Brushed chrome & gold polyester
Domed decals
Hard hat decals
Truck door stickers
Clear liner decals
Vinyl bumper stickers
Corrugated signs
Security stickers
Polyethylene signs
Floor decals
License plates
Parking permit window decals
Hang tag parking permits
Parking permits

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