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Custom Made Binders. The quality, innovation and know-how that set us apart from the rest of the pack.

Allied Decals of Florida has no interest in producing and selling the biggest quanities of custom made binders or the most made-to-order looseleaf binders – we just care about making the best binders in the business! We welcome the challenge of creating new and exciting binders presentation designs, speciality die-cut shapes, and non-standard screen printing messages and sizes. We use innovative materials and employ exciting graphics design to make your materials get noticed and communicate your message.

ladywithbindersHere are some points to consider in determining which materials to choose for your order:

  • What is the binders purpose?
  • How will the binder be used?
  • What type of environment will it be used in?
  • How long will the binder be used?
  • How many copies will be printed and issued?
  • Is it for in-house use only?
  • three-ring-bindersWill the binder be given to customers?
  • How much material will it need to hold?
  • How should your material be organized – index tabs, pocket dividers?

Your binder will be an optimum producer with a competitive edge by realizing the binder’s use, function, and appearance a primary concern during the planning stages.

Screen-printed binders provide a large area for text and graphics, which can be printed on the spine along with both sides of the front and back binder covers. The indexed tabs can be custom die-cut and be customized to be a integrate part of the binder presentation. The indexed tabs will organize your material effectively. Allied Decals carries a vast array of color and material choices. We will be happy to help you choose which selection would be the most cost effective for your order.

Allied Decals made-to-order binders are the perfect choice for custom handbooks, training manuals, presentations, promotions.
Hot stamping can give you true golds and silvers plus many foil patterns but is usually limited to the front cover. Our custom binders are made-to-order from a wide range of vinyl or polyethylene materials. We carry a wide array of material choices and colors in our stock. You can choose to have a with or without a clear overlay. Vinyl offers the high quality look, while polyethylene provides extra durability that will stand up to most uses. Both materials are available with either round or “D” rings in standard size increments ranging from 1/2-inch to 4 inches in diameter; special sizes and shapes are available upon request.

Vinyl Custom Binders
Polyethylene Ring Binders
FDA Submission Binders

Many variations of size, material, and make-up exist for binders. If more options or more detailed specifications are required, please call at:

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