Q. Does Allied Decals have a minimum order size?
A. Our minimum order is $200.
Q. How does Allied ship decals and binders, and how long does it take to receive an order?
A. No special handling is required; we ship UPS or commercial freight. It generally takes us 8-10 days to produce an order, and shipping is an additional 1-3 days for most locations, although that can vary based on geography.
Q. How many shapes and sizes of decals and labels does Allied manufacture?
A. Literally hundreds of shape/size combinations are available on a fast-turnaround basis – just tell us what you need!
Q. What determines the size of a looseleaf binder?
A. Binder sizes are determined by the diameter of the ring – 1″, 1 1/2″, etc. They are not measured by the width of the spine. When you tell us what size looseleaf binder you need, please let us know the ring size and type (round or D-ring).
Q. Does Allied produce index and tab sets for binders?
A. Yes, we do – we can provide simple alpha or numeric index sets, or we will produce them to order based on your specifications.
Q. When should one use a vinyl binder versus polyethylene?
A. Polyethylene is the more durable of the two materials. It will take a beating very well, and is typically the choice of salesmen, for example. Vinyl, on the other hand, is the more attractive binder – use it for presentations and reference-set catalogs.

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