Decals on Demand

Decals are not all created equal.

Custom Decals, Made to Order Stickers and Labels

Allied Decals produces and manufactures Custom Decals, Silk-Screened Stickers, and Made-To-Order Labels. No matter what the end use is, we have the creativity and expertise to meet your needs. With Allied Decals high quality standards and experience, we are able to meet the precise technical specifications our customers often require. We work with you to determine the best and most cost effective methods and material to use for each job that we process. We have an extensive library of materials and die-cuts to meet your schedule requirements.

We make decals that are used by government agencies for identification, vehicle markings, and road signs. We make stickers and posters for promotional events and fund raisers. We have been furnishing the industrial and commercial manufacturing industries with labels and signs for their facilities and products for over fifty years. We do all this on a fast turn-around schedule and we will ship our decals, stickers, labels and binders to where ever your work is.

Here is a sampling of some of our products:
Decals and Posters
- for promotional events and fund raisers
Outdoor and Water-Proof
- for marine applications and are UV resistant
- to sit on a table top or on with an easel
Parking Permits
- double sided and consecutively numbered permit decals
Custom Printed Decals
- custom football helmet decals, hard hat decals, etc.
Window Decals - Static Cling
- static cling with no adhesive backing for your windshield, etc.
Overlay Stickers
- for consumer goods and commercial products
Product Labels and Industrial Decals
- serial number labels and void warranty stickers
Face Plates
- cellular phones and beepers
Magnetic Signs
- use your vehicle to get your message out

Let Allied Decals use our creativity and experience to surpass the expectations of your colleagues on your next assignment.

Tips For Designing Your Custom Decals

Material Specifications

The following is a representative selection of several of the most popularly used films. If more film options or detailed specifications are desired or required, please call us at 1-800-940-2233.

Decals Materials Decals Thickness Service Temp. (degrees F) Outdoor Durability Water/Humidity Resistance Dimensional Stability Solvent Resistance Decals Comformability
Vinyl .004-.006 0 -170 2 yrs Excellent Fair Fair Good
Polyester .001-.003 -40 -260 2 yrs Excellent Excellent Good Poor
Polycarbonate .007-.020 -40 -250 NA Excellent Excellent Good Poor
Reflective* .005 -40 -180 2, 5 & 7 yrs Excellent Excellent Good Fair

*Reflective meets or exceeds L-S-300C, Table IV Reflectivity 3